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Winter has come officially 5 days ago now although 2 days before June, the temperature has gone down drastically.

We were freezing cold and were desperate for warmth and I started to say how I least like winter. Then we asked each other which season we liked. Daisy started with she likes summer but when I said it gets very hot she decided it's spring then. However I told her she's allergic to pollens so she finally setlled with autumn and we both agreed it has to be the best.

Then we turned to ate and asked her, "What is your favourite season?" To which she said:

Season 3 Avatar The Last Airbender


A Most Unforgettable Yum Cha Date

Last Monday, Ddith and I went to this Yum Cha restaurant that is close to the office. I was initally gonna take my husband to this place after my exams because we haven't spent quality time in a while. But he had something else planned for our family so I went with my big sister in the office instead.
It was an all you can eat voucher which I never bothered reading the fine print. We have never went to this place before and when I read the reviews, I was kind of disheartened. I expected a little bit of trouble so I printed both the voucher and booking confirmation. Surprisingly, when we arrived around 11:30am they just asked for my name and then seated us without hassles. We didn't even have to wait long. 
As the trolleys came, we were looking out for the siomai and the steamed goodies that we are comfortably familiar with but we never saw them so we got some other stuffs that were new to us - taro, sticky rice, pork belly, tofu and something mushy with corns (I don't know w…

Innocent Happiness ♥

Night of May 16, 2017 Tuesday - I meant to write this memory down on the night itself but an urgent task came up. 
Anyway... It's going to be such a long intro and I'm not ready to share my fears and worries to the world just yet so... 
The night of May 16 was supposed to be happy. The kids were toning down for bedtime, with more quiet activities like writing and colouring while I do the maths drill for each of them, when Daisy made another one of her funny out of the blue remarks. Asking us to be quiet so she could concentrate, she said "Shush... I'm thinking about love!"

Ate and I burst into laughters and so did Daisy as she tried to explain herself. On her notebook, she wrote "ten things I like about love" and inside a big heart was the word caring. Turns out she was really thinking about LOVE hahaha! After which she also wrote down sharing, forgiving, and while ate and I still continued giggling, we tried to contribute to her words. 
Awww... S…

The Simple Joys of a Mum

The kids surprised me last night with gifts they bought from school. I would say Daisy is getting better with gift wrapping and she loves giving gifts. She definitely got the penchant from me. I just love the purse she gave me and I couldn't wait to use it!

Demi gave me a card with a handkerchief inside and a very cute wooden table decor with a message that says "family - it's not what we have in life, but who have in our life that matters."

I am so pampered!❤😄

Oh, and the card? It says "I know we don't celebrate it but thanks for buying me stuff even tho I'm always bad tempered. (I can't control MYSELF)"

Hahaha 😂

My 15th Year

Back to School 2017

Once again, my blogging surge came to a halt and a long hiatus too. Well, not as long as the ones before hehehe. As usual, it's because of the busy status of a working mom. 
True to my plan last December about semi-homeschooling the kids I have been busy for most of January contacting my friends who work as teachers and getting idea here and there. Education here in Australia is very different from the Philippines. I can't really say one is better than the other. I do like the way the children's social skills are being developed in public schools here. They are also inclined to explore their creative skills and talents. But while I find these aspects really good, I decided that incorporating a little bit of the education system in the Philippines couldn't hurt them. 
From memory, I remembered how strict it had been for me as early as Prep level (equivalent to Kindie here). One particular incident that stuck to me was when I failed to completely copy our homework from the…

An Update on Mesothelioma

Back in 2014, I  was invited by Heather Von St James to join a summer capaign in raising awareness regarding Mesothelioma: a type of cancer that in my opinion is not very much known although a lot of people has actually suffered such cancer. The post I wrote in July 2014 contained information about this type of cancer and how the campaign could help survivors and those affected by this illness.

Recently, I received an email from Virgil Anderson, who was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. When he learned that he had the cancer, he found immediate medical attention through

Thankfully, there are people dedicated and passionate enough to serve victims of Mesothelioma who are willing to assist and give peace of mind to them. Virgil recounted that even though he contacted them on a Sunday one of their patient advocates gave him a call back within minutes. They gave him a great deal of helpful information on doctors and resources available to him.

As a result of their website he…