Sunday, July 10, 2016

Slumber Party

The children are sleeping over at their friends' house tonight. It's a milestone for them who have always been sheltered all their lives. I have always regarded them as babies and it's kind of sad to realise that they're actually big girls now...

When I was their age, I have never experienced the slumber party which I had often encountered from reading Sweet Valley Kids pocketbooks. I had always been excited to read about the twins' adventures and I am happy that the kids are actually going to experience it now. They were the same age as the twins in the story but of course, I know their adventures would not be as daring as in the books... I hope.


Goofing around already!

Excited kids!

Now I have to admit I am a little bit worried for Daisy. She's younger by 2 years and she's still very childish or should I say babyish. I am a bit worried we might get a call in the middle of the night to pick up Daisy as she's been crying non-stop. I remember sleeping over at my cousins' house when I was about 5 or 6. I just enjoyed playing with them that when it was time to go home, I and my cousins begged for me to stay and sleep with them. My mistake. Halfway through the night, my cousins and I in deep sleep, when suddenly, one's head was on top of my stomach and the other's feet was right beside my face. To a 5 year old perhaps this was already major trouble wherein I could have just pushed them away and they'd be still asleep as a log. Anyway, I went crying non-stop until my uncle and auntie had to wake up and drive me back to my parents' house. I can't remember if my cousins ever budged from their sleep. Perhaps NO? hehehe

Oh well, lucky there's mobile phones and internet 24/7. I had just spoken with my older daughter and she has advised they were happy. I'll be updating you all tomorrow!


PS: We picked up the girls the next day afternoon... as it turned out, time went by so quickly for them and as expected, they didn't want to separate.


  1. It's a milestone. It will be ok. Sometimes its the parents who have a harder time than the kids. :)

    1. I know Tin haha... she didn't cry. The next day, when we called to pick them up, the kids were complaining coz the party wasn't over yet for them hehehe.


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