Friday, December 30, 2016

Kids Day At The Office

I can't believe and I am reluctant to believe that my holiday from work is already halfway through. We have a 2 week break from work and it's incredible how the first week had gone so quickly! I tried to spend as much time with the kids as possible, taking them to places too, because as soon as work resumes, I will have none of these again.

The last day at work was a very pleasant one as kids were invited to visit the workplace with their parents. Thanks to Daddy who drove us in the morning so we could come early and be saved from the hassle of public transport.

Here were the early invaders hehehe...

There was also  exchanges of gifts with tita Ddith and aunt Assumpta.

I brought Demi's monopoly game because I thought they might get bored in between the time from when we arrive - 7:30am - until the morning tea at 10. None of us had breakfast before leaving the house so I looked at my stash of food and luckily found packets of instant miso soup, the only remaining emergency food in my drawer. After the light breakfast, the girls feasted a little bit more around my desk, busily organising  (messing up) my knick knacks before they finally got bored and started a round of monopoly.

Uncle Tony also gave the girls a puzzle of a little snowman. How cute, he has a stash of children's toys inside his drawer. He probably sensed I was having a difficult time trying to keep the girls amused. Besides the puzzle, he also warned them about the big muscly boss who wants peace and quiet in the office hehe. Afterwards, when we left the office, we met Steve on the way. He greeted us. Daisy wondered whether he was the boss to which I just casually said yes and she made the funniest remark ever: I thought the boss was a big muscly guy, he's more of chubby mom. Hahaha - I remembered the saying that kids don't lie.

Going back, not long after we had to cut the games to go down for the morning tea. Downstairs, the kids were amazed to see other kids. Immediately, they started making friends with them. A few minutes later, a skinny version of santa claus came in and handed out candy canes to the little children. Both my girls knew that santa was fiction, nevertheless, it confused Daisy a little bit until I told her it was someone inside a costume hehe. After grabbing sumptuous food and catching up with friends, we went back up with tita Ddith and continued the game of monopoly

It was almost time to leave the workplace so I started tidying up. Meanwhile the kids became creative and made a fort under my desk. The 2 steel cabinets on each side of my desk served as "rooms" by pushing them a little bit outward. It was such a good fort I wanted to go in myself but they said there was no more room for me. I was upset of course, so as punishment, I sent them to their rooms and both girls obeyed while giggling playfully.

Finally, we were ready to go by 12 noon. Tita Ddith was excited to come window shopping with us. Before leaving, uncle Anish showed the girls the train and they were both delighted to see that it actually runs on the rail tracks.

Finally, we went window shopping with tita Ddith for a couple more hours. We did get nice things for ourselves, like Daisy's squish/splat ball, Demi's soft clay and some new clothes for Barbie all from Daiso. We also went to Kmart after that but Daisy was no longer interested in looking around. She just sat on one corner and played with her new collection.

Then we have to say goodbye to tita Ddith too. Thanks be to God for her generosity, she even bothered to give us these:

Finally we were so happy when Daddy came to pick us up. We were still feeling  festive plus Daddy was craving for crab soup so we went for a late lunch and early dinner at Tan Viet Cabramatta.

*Sigh... what a day! Reliving it was overwhelming I almost felt it would take me back to that day which was ended with a Thanksgiving in the evening onwards. How I wish the 2 week break would just be starting all over again...

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