Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pre-loved Books for Beginners

I have been running out of space in my book case so I have to let go of some books. Unfortunately for me, as I love all my books and it's not easy which ones to give up. But fortunately for others, I decided to select a few to give away for free!

DOG ON LOG - this book is suitable for 3-5 years old and great for children who are learning about phonics and can read one-syllable-words. My daughter was given this book when she was in kindie. It is in very good condition and looks good as new. 

A ROYAL WEDDING and FAR FROM HOME - Original short stories of the princess-type-setting. All pages (maybe 5 or 6) are cardboard so these books are really sturdy! A little bit more challenging than the Dog on Log. This would be suitable for 4-7 years old maybe. It's not the ordinary words children encounter at the same time the story is not too lengthy to tire them.

For anyone who is interested, please let me know in the comments section. Pay only the shipping cost :)

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