Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Very Memorable Shopping Adventure

It all started with an idea from my friend, whom we're gonna refer to as code name "Duckie" and this is how the story goes. One day he sent me a photo shot of his office desk, when a couple of Armani fragrances pour homme caught my attention. 

For months now, since I became pregnant, I have despised the Hugo Boss perfume which my husband uses - funny because I was with him when we chose that scent. But ever since the hormones kicked in, my sense of taste and smell became crazy and fussy.

The very next day, during lunch time, I went to David Jones with Iris to try the Armani Diamonds and was glad that it pleased my preggy preference. On impulse, I bought the 50ml bottle but when the excitement died down I realised I should have gotten just the smaller size because who knows? I might change preferences again soon after the birth. Of course, his fragrance should always depend on my taste hahaha.

In the afternoon, I told Duckie about the Armani Diamonds until we eventually ended up making this pact we called our "Shopping Adventure." This is supposed to be a top secret mission, thus the code name, to protect the privacy of my partner in mischief hahaha.

The mission involved getting the right size of perfume I want for my dear plus as many freebies as we could possibly get. I LOVE freebies and this is a new experience to me. Although I was very excited, I was quite scared too because the mission requires talking - to a total stranger at that - and introverts like me would understand why this would cause anxiety. My last shopping adventure was with Bes from years ago and it didn't involve chatting up strangers hehehe.

I am pleased to say that we accomplished the mission gloriously and managed to fish out several freebies for Nilo, me and Duckie too hehehe. I feel like giving ms. S (the very nice Sales Lady) a hug. Thank you! ♥️

The extra goodies:

For Nilo - Dunhill duffle bag, 1ml Givenchy Gentle sample and a couple of 1ml Versace Dylan Blue. 

Duckie got a couple of 1ml Versace Dylan Blue too. 

(The Versace Dylan Blue is also a nice subtle scent that works for me so maybe I might get this next time for Nilo or rellies in the Philippines.)

For me - Givenchy Live Irresistible EDP and Missoni EDP samples.

To be honest, in the midst of dealing with ms. S, I felt my nerves starting to cool down and I actually enjoyed the rest of the process. She was just really nice overall. After the shopping I walked away feeling rich hahaha. Duckie offered to buy something for me from Clinique but just the company was more than enough favour for me. In fact I feel I owe him one now :). We finished the evening with hot choco and a bite to eat then I went home feeling exhausted but jubilant. What a night!

Bonus: I know this adventure isn't about me but I just have to share that the Givenchy Live Irresistible EDP was superb! I was never choosy with scents, but when I tried this perfume on it was love at first smell. I looked at the brochure and was surprised to see the description: A new and floral delicacy, as sassy as it is sweet. Sassy scent for Sassy Girl! Coincidence? Hehehe. I need to get this for myself... soon.... :)


And that concludes my very happy memorable shopping adventure...

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